Name : Amrth Ashok Shenava

University : Kent State University

Location : Kent, OH, USA

Welcome to my home on the internet.

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My name is Amrit Shenava and I am a student at Kent State University in Ohio studying CS with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I love to solve complicated problems and in the process build my skills. I love attending Hackathons, working on side-projects and experiment with some startup ideas. I am interested in AI, Blockchain and non-tech interests include Philosophy, Economics, Startups and Investing. I am deeply passionate about solving issues in Mental Health, Housing and Education. On the side, I write blogs and newsletter and I also do motivational speaking. Favorite sports include Golf, Poker and Bridge.

Project Shenava

Tech has been my passion since childhood. I see Coding as a superpower that can help solve problems around the world. I have been coding since a very young age and have been spending most of my weekends attending an hackathon. Project Shenava is a place where one can find my projects and startups. Project Shenava will have projects for every Tech be it AI, Blockchain, VR, IoT and more. Apart from my projects and startups, Project Shenava is also open to collaboration as well.


Flashmates is an app to allow students find affordable off-campus housing and roommates.

I Am A Coconut

I Am A Coconut is a motivational content platform started by me where the goal is to spread positivity and happiness. I Am A Coconut has a YouTube channel and a Podcast which is available on almost all of the major podcast streaming platforms.

The Story Behind I Am A Coconut


Listen to the I Am A Coconut Podcast which is available on almost all of the major podcast streaming platforms. The latest episode from the Podcast can also be heard below.